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October, 2020 – A Time For Clearing Away and Welcoming In the New

It seems like I zoomed right through September. Although I am a Summer-baby (September 8th) I have always loved Autumn with her cool evenings and crystal clear skies day and night. The constellations are easier to discern and planets stand out against a dark canvas backdrop. It has been too chilly some mornings to sit by the lake so I have sat in my backyard sipping coffee and watching the various creatures zoom about: scurrying squirrels, chirping chipmunks, buzzing bees, darting dragonflies, swooping songbirds. They are either getting ready to fly south or are gathering food to hide around my yard for the Winter months.

I also ‘caught the fever’ to ready myself and my cottage for the months ahead. I participated in the town-wide yard sale earlier in September by displaying 40+ pieces of my artwork on tables, fences and trees around my yard. It was a glorious 2 days. My neighbors and friends showed up along with several people I did not know and all but 4 pieces have now found a new home. I gave everything away for free.

I’m now waiting to see what new art ideas come to me to fill the blank walls and newly empty floor space in and around my Enchanted Cottage.

The Full Harvest Moon on October 1st is also known as the Artist’s Moon so while preparing my ceremony to welcome artistic ideas into my life I created a Medicine Wheel in my side yard where an old deck was recently removed. I can see it from my kitchen window as a reminder each day to walk my Path as best I can while staying mindful of others’ paths and to treat them with kindness and compassion.

Each day I choose 2 Animal Medicine cards to guide me. Following are some haikus I wrote connected with the animal spirits that chose me.

like the tiny ant
patience is my keyword too
and I want it now!

playful otter sister
goddess of rivers, streams, lakes
share your dreams with me

salmon, swim with me
take me upstream and downstream
back to my future

keeper of secrets
knower of your desires and dreams
I am the lynx

in water, on land
turtle embraces them both
I strive for balance too

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