Margot’s Journey

A collection of Margot Jungermann Hanau’s reminiscences interwoven with historical background that bring to life ‘Der Kindertransport’ or exodus of 10,000 German-Jewish children to England in the early years of what history calls World War II.

Making Zutsa

This book was born after I spent last winter perusing my mother’s and grandmother’s cook books filled with traditional Hungarian and mid-20th century American recipes. Several of these brought back vivid childhood memories and I decided to merge the recipes and stories into one text.

I hope the book will inspire you to cook up your grandmother’s favorite ethnic dish, such as Chicken Paprikas, and reminisce about childhood days spent munching on your own version of the specialty dessert, Butterscotch Delight.

My Grandmother’s Necklace

My first novel, My Grandmother’s Necklace, was inspired when I found the ‘diamond’ necklace I inherited 20+ years ago from my Hungarian grandmother. The book chronicles 14 year old Mary’s journey from a tiny village in Hungary, across Europe to the ship waiting to take thousands of immigrants to America. Interwoven with dreams and visions it tells a tale of three Hungarian women who share a strong bloodline: Marie lives in modern-day America and is traveling to Eastern Europe to uncover her grandmother’s mysterious past. Mary lives in 1912 Hungary and is traveling west to her unknown future in America. In the year 1241 Mari struggles to escape bondage at the hands of the Mongolian army as they burn their way towards Budapest.The three women appear to one another in their dreams and each one wonders who the other two are and why they feel so drawn to one another.

Heart to Heart: Our Journey as Mother and Son

A collection of inspirational art work, photographs, poems and narrative that tell the spiritual journey over the past 30 years of myself and my son, John, who was born with Down Syndrome and accompanying medical complications. Together John and I explore the inter-mingling of Western medicine, the Healing Arts, everyday events and miracles that have graced our lives.

John has lighted the way for many through his perseverance, his artistic talents and his ability to see into our hearts and help us heal our lives.

Embracing the Moment:
Living With, Through and Beyond Cancer

In August 2005 I was diagnosed with breast and colon cancers. From initial diagnosis, throughout multiple tests, surgeries and subsequent treatments, I learned this ‘dreaded diagnosis’ could be embraced through humor, thoughtful medical/healing arts practices and grace.

My hope is that this book will serve as an inspiration to others traveling a similar path or accompanying someone who is.