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Thoughts, Haikus and Sketches as August 2020 Ends

I spent most of July and August out-of-doors either by the lake or in my backyard. I immersed myself in Nature learning to sit quietly and welcoming birds and wild creatures of land and lake, water and airborne bugs to come near to me. I luxuriated in the hot sunlight, cool breezes coming off the lake and the smoke of my little backyard campfires. The clouds held messages for me in their constantly shifting shapes while the hummingbirds sent whispered salutations on their wings. Many Goddesses and Native Priestesses came to me in visions and dreams and found their way onto my canvases and sketchbook pages.                                                                                       


blue heron squawks past

landing at her fishing spot

frogs and fish beware!

daily dockside dance

ducks, drakes, dragonflies and damsels

dive, dip, delightful

water bugs madly swirl

form perfect rippling spheres   

Hummingbird Spirit

Nature’s preferred shape

little hummingbird

flits from flower to flower

seeking sweet nectar

searching high and low

for an answer to my prayers

hummingbird zips past

acorn drops on head

wake up and look around you

Nature is calling     


orange/black butterfly

floats among herbs and weeds

stark contrast to green

monarch butterfly

sails betwixt weeds, grasses, blooms

filling tank for travel

one butterfly’s wings

beat African winds into frenzy

hurricane hits here

Butterfly Maiden

how does Miss Spider know                       

in order to catch my dreams

she must weave a web

spider’s web is strong

yet delicate as fine silk

trapping flies and dreams

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