My Adventures Continue into 2023

I have not added to this website in a while due to technical issues with it, but now all is well and I am up and running once again. My wonderful publisher/friend Jessika Hazelton at The Troy Bookmakers updated the site and made it easier for me to add to on my own. Disclaimer: all mistakes are mine alone…

The most exciting news is the publication of my 5th book – Margot’s Journey – last Spring. I have decided to give copies of the book away as my ‘gift to the world’ in order for her story to reach a wide audience.

One of the beautiful outcomes of giving the book away was an offer from Glennpeter Jewelers to hold a book signing event at their Colonie Diamond Centre location on November 30, 2022. After consulting with Margot’s daughter, Linda, we decided to give whatever donations we received that evening to the Kinderstransport Association in NYC(kindertransport.org) The evening was magical with donations topping $1300.

Jeff Weiss, owner of Glennpeter Jewelers, with me at the book signing event. All staff members were so sweet and accommodating throughout the evening.

Margot’s daughter Linda poses with me at the event. She was thrilled with the turn-out to honor her mom’s memory and support Kindertransport Assn.

Since the event I have been offered opportunites to speak at local libraries, write an article for the Kindertransport Association’s newsletter and give away another 100 books. Margot’s story continues to ripple out into the world.

The Great Library Treasure Hunt

The first week of November, 2022 my friend Diane Dearborn and I began our ‘treasure hunt’ of visiting all 36 branches of the Upper Hudson Library System(uhls.org). Armed with lists and maps Diane downloaded from their website and my trusty GPS we ventured forth into parts of Rensselaer and Albany Counties previously unknown by us. Our love of all things related to books, libraries and meeting new people have led us on a wonderful adventure. As of this writing we have visited 30 branches and learned so much history about the individual sites and the communities they serve. Each library, whether expansive or in small buildings, are vital parts of their neighborhoods. People always ask us which place is our favorite. We answer: ‘You are!’

My home library is Sand Lake Town Library and Diane’s is Brunswick Community Library. We love them best, of course! But, shhh…don’t tell the others.

We carry hand-crafted ‘passports’ with us to get stamped and signed at each library, check out an item at each place, have our photo taken in front of their sign and inside the buildings and even with some of the librarians. Then we post on Facebook and Instagram and zoom off to the next branch. If you have an interest in books, historic buildings and learning about the Capital Region, this is the best way to fulfill all those desires. We have made many new friends throughout Rensselaer and Albany counties, too.

Spiritual Retreats, Art Retreats, Online Ceremonies

The Advent/Holiday Season of 2022 gave me several opportunities to participate in online retreats and contemplative practices offered in books. I created journals to accompany these practices, wrote my own prayers and offered blessings and healing to the world through rituals. My favorite creation is:

My Beatitudes

Blessed is she with wounded wings…for she shall be taught how to fly.

Blessed is she with clouded eyes…for she shall be taught how to see.

Blessed is she with ears that ring…for she shall be taught how to hear.

Blessed is she with addled brain…for she shall be taught how to think.

Blessed is she with hurried steps…for she shall be taught how to stop.

Blessed is she with money to share…for she shall be taught how to give.

Blessed is she with no worldly goods…for she shall be taught to receive.

Blessed is she who lives alone…for she shall be a friend to herself.

Blessed is she who asks Spirit for help…for it is arriving post haste.

Blessed is she who loves the earth…for she shall be called a goddess.

Blessed is she who has suffered abuse…for she shall be a sister to others.

Blessed is she who sits in silence…for she shall be taught how to Be.

Blessed is she who, each morning can say…’Thank you, God, for this beautiful day.’

…for it shall be given to her.

This is all for now

I will be adding more photos and text in the coming weeks. I want to get this offering up to make sure it all looks okay.

Happy New Year!!

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