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Last Full Moon or First Full Moon of the Decade?

People disagree over when one decade ends and the next one begins. Tonight’s Full Moon at 10:38 P.M. EST on December 29, 2020 could be either the last one of the 2nd decade or the first one of the 3rd. Does it matter? All I know is She is bright, beautiful and rising over the trees in all Her splendor. I doubt She cares for our earthly calculations. She has Her own way of marking time and space. She rises and sets, waxes and wanes to our eyes only. She is always in the sky, round and  shining all the time just like the Sun. Our rotations and revolutions around one another and the Sun change our perspective. Over the centuries we have named her Luna, Selene, Artemis, Diana, Hecate and my favorite Tecciztecati!  I wonder what she calls herself? Our Moon by any other name shines on just as brightly. As I peered at this Moon Goddess through my living room window earlier, Her beams of light looked like a cross high in the sky.    Ah…I am blessed.

I stand outside on this cold December night gazing at the Moon as She rises in the constellation Cancer. I squint to locate the Beehive Cluster, the asterism of 1,000+ stars within Cancer, that has 1 star with 2 planets circling ’round it. Are they earth-like? I ponder the immensity of the universe and my place in it. I think back over the years and all that has been taken away from me and all that I have been given and I am grateful for both.

As I balance on the cusp of 2020 turning into 2021 I stretch my arms wide and embrace this moment with joy.

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