More Musings From My Lakeside Retreat – July 2020

On July 17th I decided to do a silent retreat day at my Enchanted Cottage. I dedicated this one to Mary Magdalene since she has been appearing to me in my thoughts and daydreams, maybe in my night dreams also, but I don’t remember those. The first set of Haikus are for Mary and the second set from my musings lakeside and in my backyard the same day.

a plain name, Mary

it holds the whole universe

she is the Beloved


think, say what you please

she cares naught for your thoughts

she knows her true self


the rose, the lily

symbols of Mary’s pure heart

abide in my garden too



raindrops pelting down

each one a whisper, a word

Heaven’s telegraph


hawk screeches: Listen!

salmon gulps: Trust inner knowing!

wisdom from my cards


squirrels everywhere

zigzag across fence and yard

mirroring my thoughts


wind chimes dance on breeze

water ripples on bird bath

incense wafts on wind