Art in the Age of Corona (continued)

May 2020

Spring is finally becoming a reality out here at the lake.

I have had a series of feathered friends flying into the

windows of my front porch. First a female cardinal flew

against the window as her male companion looked on.

After she left, a male robin repeatedly collided with the glass.

When he finally left 3 weeks later, I breathed a sigh of relief,

but this  morning a little sparrow took his place.

Even my cats staring at them isn’t enough to scare them away…

So, of course, I thought about how these actions relate to

what is happening in the world right now.  An unprecedented

event in my lifetime anyway. Are we all just beating our heads

against the wall trying to return to a normal that no longer

exists and should not be returned to anyway? Spirit is calling

to us to change our habits and ways of life that no longer serve

us or the planet.  Will we listen?

Over the past few months several Goddesses/Angels have

come to me in dreams and visions, all of whom I have

painted as directed by them.

This first week of May which is celebrated by many cultures

as Beltane, a time for planting seeds and the ripening of

trees and flowers, brought forth Gaia to me. She symbolizes

Mother Earth and brings forth abundance in nature. We must

take care of our planet and honor Gaia and all the wonderful

things she freely gives us.