Art in the Age of Corona, April 20, 2020

Each week, as I sit staring at a blank canvas wondering what to paint next,

the face of another Goddess/Angel starts to take form.

I am realizing more and more that the image is already on the canvas

waiting for me to acknowledge her. Her timing is always perfect.

Zanna,  pictured here,  proclaims: ‘You are protected

from all types of harm. The worst is now behind you.

I ask you to relax and feel safe.’

The worst may be behind us, but that does not mean

we are to rush back into our old lives. I believe we are to take

this ‘time between’ what was before and what will be

in a week or a month or even a year from now

and find our place in this new paradigm we are

being invited into by Spirit.





I am also striving each day to create something new

in my art journal. Much easier to do something small

and easily completed in an hour or 2. I usually ‘sploot’

several colors of acrylic paint on a page, fold it over

and press to create swirls and patterns that suggest

something to me. Like the images in clouds, pictured here

from a photo I took in Florida in March, suggest angels,

animals, or waves on a shore, my blots of paint suggest

images to me.




Sometimes it takes a day of walking past the journal

lying open on my kitchen peninsula before I have an

‘aha!’ moment and wings and the outline of a face

and hands holding a sacred object start to appear.

The picture is from a Susan Boulet calendar I have had

for years and the my painting above mirrors her.