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Art in the Age of Corona 2020

These are strange times indeed. My emotions swing all over the place day by day but my artwork has given me a focus and direction for these emotions and I have found my Muses, be they Goddesses, Angels or my Spirit Guides, have been coming through to me in dreams and visions. I am eager each morning to put brush to canvas and see who emerges over the days as they come clear to me.


Here are a few of the Goddesses who have come forth as I contemplated my empty canvases:


I painted Bridget a couple of months ago and just wasn’t satisfied with her facial features so

I ‘Gessoed’ over her  nose and mouth Tuesday and did not realize until I stepped back what

I had painted – a face mask!  Was this a sub-conscious thought or feeling coming through?









Here is Bridget, re-imagined as of yesterday…a pleasant, warm smile on her face,

apparently Coronavirus-free!











I also decided to participate in the #518rainbowhunt phenomenon taking over my area and

perhaps the whole country by now?  I wanted to paint something eye-catching and fun. So,

while getting out of my car Wednesday, I spotted this angel which was originally all white and waiting

patiently in my herb garden for me to notice her potential as a Rainbow of Hope.