Art in the Age of Corona 2020 continued (4/12/2020)

Today is Easter. It is a holiday/festival/ritual celebrated by many cultures around the globe.

I have painted this depiction of Ostara the Celtic Fertility Goddess from whose name the word

Easter is derived. She heralds Springtime, the time when our sun returns from the darkness of

the Winter months. She also welcomes the seeds and plants to rejuvenate and resurrect themselves

from the cold earth. The birds are returning from their hiatus south and the butterflies and

dragonflies will soon follow. The world around us is fairly bursting with life.

Easter is a time for rejoicing. In these troubled and uncertain times we can turn to Nature to

see how the cycle of life continues ever onward despite extenuating circumstances.

Let Ostara be our guide and mentor as she reminds us this is an opportune time to make

life changes and prepare for new ventures.




This picture is a recent page from my ongoing art journal. Even though Jesus is depicted as a baby in

his mother’s arms, isn’t this where we all begin and end?

Jesus called out for his mother at the end of his life…

Michaelangelo’s famous sculpture Pieta portrays Jesus once again

cradled by his loving mother.